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We are built for this moment.

Carnegie Council was founded in 1914, in a moment not unlike today, when the world urgently needed ethical action.

We’re launching Ethics Empowered—the most ambitious campaign in the organization’s history—at a time of similar urgency.

Humanity has never been more connected yet more fractured. Society is retreating from globalism, attacking democratic norms, and grappling with the impact of emerging technologies.

For more than a century, Carnegie Council has set the global ethical agenda and worked for an ethical future.

This moment demands a concerted, comprehensive ethical response. Join us in using the power of ethics to build a better world.

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Our six campaign priorities allow us to pursue innovative solutions and create a more just, equitable, and peaceful world.


Ethics Accelerator

We’ll invest in our Ethics Accelerator, a new kind of incubator that examines the most pressing ethical issues. We’ll expand our network to ensure diverse participation from emerging experts and frontline advocates; integrate leading facilitators to optimize rapid timelines and maximize output; and create a new in-person experience at the Council’s New York City headquarters.


Global Ethics Hub

We’ll create a modern hub for global ethics—a reimagined, fully renovated headquarters on East 64th St. in Manhattan. Construction will include a state-of-the-art meeting space for workshops, seminars, and briefings; workspace for Senior Fellows; and studios and technology to support digital publishing and video and podcast production.


Senior Fellows

We’ll expand our Senior Fellows program, supporting promising young scholars and accomplished researchers with their own Impact Initiatives. Current Senior Fellows include Janos Pasztor, former executive director of conservation at the World Wildlife Fund, who leads our Impact Initiative on climate; Michael Doyle, University Professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs, who leads our Impact Initiative on migration; and Anja Kaspersen, former director of the office for disarmament affairs for the United Nations, who co-leads our Impact Initiative on artificial intelligence.


Carnegie New Leaders (CNL)

We’ll bolster our Carnegie New Leaders program, educating and cultivating the next generation of ethical global leaders across business, policy, technology, NGO, and academia. Each cohort of New Leaders has access to experts, participates in dialogues and symposia, and explores collaborative opportunities for thought leadership.



We’ll grow our endowment to support an ethical future. Strengthening the endowment affirms the value of our work and ensures the future of an essential global resource.


Impact Initiatives

We’ll expand and create new Impact Initiatives, focused efforts to identify and address critical ethical issues. Current initiatives include artificial intelligence and equality, migration and asylum, and climate and governance. Future initiatives might address ethics in policing, vaccine diplomacy, and democracy 2.0.

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Ethics Empowered is guided by accomplished leaders who understand the importance and impact of our work.

Haris Hromic

Campaign Co-Chair

Haris Hromic

Haris Hromic is managing director at Seaport Global Securities in New York, specializing in global fixed income. He has also held senior positions at Susquehanna International Group, Credit Suisse Institutional Sales Group, and Barclays Capital. During the Bloomberg administration, he worked in New York City’s Office of Management and Budget, overseeing a $1.6 billion capital program focusing on public health and safety initiatives. Hromic is a founding member of the Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina in Washington, DC, and co-authored the 2009 resolution of the European Parliament that proclaimed July 11 as a Day of Commemoration of the Srebrenica Genocide throughout the European Union.

Kristen Edgreen Kaufman

Campaign Co-Chair

Kristen Edgreen Kaufman

Kristen Edgreen Kaufman co-founded and runs Acrocorinth, Inc., a foundation supporting ethical foreign policy initiatives and education for underprivileged children. She most recently served as the senior director of development at the Counter Extremism Project—a not-for-profit, non-partisan international policy organization. She was formerly a managing director at Natixis Bleichroeder and an international marketing associate at Lazard Asset Management and Merrill Lynch. In 2014, she was elected judicial delegate for the 75th Assembly District in New York City. She currently serves on the board of Teach for America New York.

Funding Opportunities

Giving is a deeply personal act that can have a major public impact. Ethics Empowered offers several ways to give.

Endowment$30 million

Support an ethical future.

Global Ethics Hub—Naming Rights$20 million

Through a naming opportunity, ensure the future of Carnegie Council’s headquarters as a global hub for ethics.

Impact Initiative$7 million

Identify and address the most critical ethical issues by endowing an Impact Initiative, covering the salary for a Senior Fellowship, an administrative research assistant, and creation of advisory board, as well as cost of travel, convenings, publications, and other program expenses.

Global Ethics Hub—Capital Improvements$8 million

Support the renovation and reimagination of Carnegie Council’s headquarters on East 64th St. in Manhattan.

Senior Fellowship$5 million

Support promising young scholars and accomplished researchers with their own Impact Initiatives by endowing a Senior Fellowship, which includes a fellowship naming opportunity.

Ethics Accelerator$3 million

Generate and launch principles on the most pressing ethical issues in public life by underwriting the Carnegie Ethics Accelerator, covering the cost of four accelerator convenings per year at Carnegie Council and publishing of accelerator findings.

Conference/Lecture Series$1 million

Endow an annual conference or series of five public lectures.

Carnegie New Leaders$500,000

Cultivate and educate the next generation of ethical global leaders by underwriting the Carnegie New Leaders program, covering the cost of symposia, networking events, independent research, and the hiring of a program director.

Let’s meet this moment together

For inquiries about giving to Ethics Empowered, please contact Melissa Semeniuk ([email protected]).